Alpine Chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra)

Alpine Chamois

The Alpine Chamois arrived in New Zealand in 1907 and the first surviving releases were made, again in the Mount Cook region. It is one of New Zealand’s most graceful game animals but are extremely fast, being able to cover any terrain with great agility and velocity.

The horns of the Chamois found in New Zealand are as large as any found elsewhere in the world. Trophy horns start at round 8 inches long but can be as long as 11 inches. The winter skins are a spectacular black colour, with white facial features. In summer they are an impressive fawn tan that blends into surrounding tussock country.

When hunting Chamois you always have to remember that they have exceptional eyesight that has even been compared to six power binoculars, so planning a perfect stalk is always essential.

Chamois inhabit country similar to Tahr but normally a little lower in winter and they grace the tussock country and bush edge in summer of the Mt Cook and other regions. Our hunts are either on foot from huts, or by helicopter access to the remote locations.

Chamois can be hunted all year round; however their skins are at their best from April to August (winter coats) and December to February (summer coat). Their rut period is May/June.


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August 17, 2014