Wapiti is the American Indian name for ‘Elk’. They were introduced to New Zealand from North America in 1906.

The sight of a proud bull showing off his rack on the skyline with snow covered mountains in the background is an absolute amazing and almost guaranteed sight at Mt Cook Trophy Hunting.

Elk are the largest of the Deer species present here in New Zealand. Here at Mt Cook we pride ourselves in having some of the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere and right at the top of the world spectrum.

They have hibridised with the Red Deer population but with heavy culling and good management strategies along with the introduction of new genetics our Elk trophies score from 320sci right up to the high 400’s, with a 474sci all ready been taken in 2009. Many records are known to have come from this area.

The Elk begin to bugle in early March and will continue to be keep the peaks alive through to May. They can be hunted from late February through to the end of August.


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August 17, 2014